Charlie Hope is the 2012 Juno Award winner for Children's Album of the Year for her third album, Songs, Stories and Friends: Let's Go Play!  She was also nominated for a Juno for her first album, I'm Me!, and her fourth album, Sing As We Go!

Hope has received two International Independent Music Awards for Best Children's Album and Best Song, as well as a Children's Song of the Year nomination. In addition, she has been awarded by the Parents' Choice Foundation with one Silver and two Gold Awards, as well as one Preferred Choice Award.

Charlie Hope’s music is played on radio stations across North America.  She can be heard regularly on SriusXM, Galaxy Kids Stuff, CBC Internet radio, and children's programming on college and local radio stations (in Lexington, KY, Philadelphia, PA, St. Louis, MO, Portland, OR, and Boston, MA to name a few).  

Her music is also featured on Pandora and various commercial airlines’ inflight entertainment systems (Air Canada and Virgin America, among others).

Parents’ Choice has praised Hope’s “unforced sunny spirit and youthful, sweet, and clear-as-a-bell soprano.” Zooglobble’s Stefan Shepherd describes her songs as “sparkly and joyful, with [her] bright, clear voice carrying the tune.”  Echoing many other reviewers, Cool Mom Picks recommends Hope’s “clear-as-glass, pitch-perfect voice.”  

Hope spent her childhood in Toronto and Boston harmonizing with her sister and in her school choirs.  Her fresh approach to children's music stems from the many years she has spent with children, from her degree in Art Therapy with Children to the preschools and private homes where she was a trusted caregiver. She believes that music is vital to a child’s overall wellbeing.

When not touring all corners of North America, Canadian singer-songwriter Charlie Hope resides in Seattle, Washington.