Charlie Hope spent her childhood in Toronto and Boston harmonizing with her sister and in her school choirs. As she grew she discovered the joys of writing music as well, and it became a powerful outlet for her to express her feelings. For Charlie, music should empower not only the creator, but also the listener.

Her fresh approach to children’s music stems from the many years she has spent with children – from receiving her degree in Art Therapy with Children to the preschools and private homes she has become an integral part of as a trusted caregiver. From all her experiences Charlie believes that music is vital to a child’s overall well-being.

On her debut album, “I’m Me!”, she created music that is relevant to children’s lives; reflecting and respecting their experiences. Elements in the album include a positive take on naptime, learning about the joys of having a new child in the family and discovering the limitless possibilities we all have inside of us.

“I‘m Me!” has been followed-up by the lullaby album “World of Dreams.” This original album gently lulls children (and adults) to sleep with images of balloons, teddy bears on boats, the gentle rain, and more.

Charlie Hope children’s music is melodic, interactive and sing-able! Whether you’re a parent or a child, you’ll find an opportunity to stomp your feet, become a train or roar like a lion! Charlie Hope’s I’m Me! CD has won top honors at the Independent Music Awards, with Best Album & Best Song for 2009. I’m Me! has also been nominated for the upcoming prestigious Juno Awards in Canada.